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Strange Nom-binations by GL-Gloria Strange Nom-binations by GL-Gloria
Ok before I do anything, i have to give *all the credits*

blue cheese texture finedininglovers.cdn.crosscast…
blue cheese pic…
sea cucumber pic…
oranges pic…
speckles brush…
catfish pic…
papaya pic…
celery pic…
oyster pic…
fennel pic…
goat cheese pic…

ALRIGHT with that out of the way, this is made for :iconcatwalkchallenge: join the group, so much fun these challenges!!

This challenge's description:
"Yay! A food related challenge! I haven't done one of these in a LONG time, so I'm going to throw the weirdest one at you I can. Truly. No, really I am. You have to choose from one of the three (or all three) combinations below to create three looks - swim wear, casual day wear and a summery evening look.
Have fun... because my evil laugh of doom is tickling the back of my throat.
:bulletblack: Oysters, Fennel, Goat Cheese
:bulletblack: Catfish, Papaya, Celery
:bulletblack: Oranges, Blue Cheese, Sea Cucumber"

Of course I was like, you know what, let's go for it. Let's do one combination for each look. a few strugglebussing days later, this happened (with :iconzephyrias:'s being my concept director, of course)

onto the details!

Summery Evening Look=oranges, blue cheese, sea cucumber
I decided to design a simple strapped high-low chiffon gown. The gown is printed with the same texture as blue cheese (the beautiful marbling effect), I decided to incorporate the sea cucumber as the strap details (the same sort of pattern+color) as well as the spike bracelet (if you know what sea cucumbers look like, they have these little spines down their whole body). The oranges I decided to incorporate both the orange slice form as rounded cutouts on the waist, as well as the whole orange form as beads in a golden setting on the sandals (also to match the gold of the spike bracelet).

Swimwear=catfish, papaya, celery
The swimsuit is the cat-fish; i have it's iconic whiskers as the strappy halter details, as well as a tassel on the front; the swimsuit is the same gradient color as the catfish, and features the catfish's speckle details, as well as "fins" in the form of illusion paneling on the sides. The celery, I decided to create a striped white and green cover up to mimic the shape of the celery, as well as the white sinew thingies in celery. the flip flops are the papaya, with a yellow sole, gradient orange and yellow strap thingies that are decorated with black beads (the seeds)

Casual day wear=oysters, fennel, goat cheese
The goat cheese I interpreted as a cream colored lace cover-up top thingie, to mimic the texture; which is worn over a white bustier (some images of goat cheese i googled showed that goat cheese is two-toned; white on the inside, cream on the outside), the fennel becomes the shorts, which are white denim that is ombred with green, plus little green lace edges to mimic the green leefy parts of the fennel. oysters=pearls in my mind, so i decided to keep the look classy with a pearl strand. i love the beautiful inside of the oyster shell, so i decided to have the flats be that color.

PHEW (im surprised these looks all sort of look like they belong in the same collection)

anyways, i hope you like, leave me a comment, i love feedback

also don't steal my work, that is not nice.
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August 21, 2013
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