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Giants by GL-Gloria Giants by GL-Gloria
giants because i think the myth of giants were inspired by mountains...i

these natural disasters occur on mountains/ places with inclines. ask :iconzephyrias: my concept director for more scientific info because my descriptions are jank

first one is volcano. tulle collar+puffy sleeves=stylized smoke, since smoke inhalation is actually a hidden threat that does a lot of damage. cuff is styled to look like the lava formation when lava hits water. black pumps=ash. rest of gown is the volcano face+lava cracks+oozing lava.

second is generic landslide. the strings connecting the dress to the halter (besides its obvious structural support) represents the cracks and fragility in the earth that leads to landslides. the bodice is regular earth, while the skirt portion is the actual landslide, the silhouette is supposed to represent a clear divide/shift in the earth that causes landslides. hem is asymmetrical because who has heard of debris that falls in an orderly fashion. the dress is decorated with giant grey beads (?) of sorts (rocks), small green sequins/beading (grass), and more brown beading/details (loose soil). sparkly green shoes that match the sequins.

third is mudslide. it's the fastest and most liquid form of landslides. the silhouette is then naturally the most fluid of all the landslides. the collar is to represent the shift in the earth that causes these things. dark green shoes=earth.

fourth is rockslide. another form of landslide, but in my mind, i connect it to cliff faces and hiking (when i went to Red River Gorge in Kentucky, there were these signs everywhere for falling rocks). the bodice is textured in a crystalline fashion (rocks!), the skirt is origami style (rocks!) and there are grey beads decorating the skirt (more rocks!!!). the shoes are styled like hiking boots.

last is avalanche. another form of landslide. in this case, avalanches occur rather suddenly, and they form via snowball effect. a little bit falls at first, and then it starts to gather and then BOOM there's a whole lot of snow. I showed this by "waterfalling" the gathered-details on the gown, with more gathers on the bottom than the top. Also, brown+green beads at several sections of the skirt that's ruched, since avalanches take down the trees with them.


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August 4, 2013
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