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Festival of Owls by GL-Gloria Festival of Owls by GL-Gloria
for :iconcatwalkchallenge:


Festival of Owls
For this month's spotlight challenge you are to design 4 elegant gala looks that one might see at the Goblin King's ball. OMG, yes, I just made a Labyrinth reference! I just think owls and can't help but picture that beautiful barn owl they used in the movie and the fact they slipped a masquerade into it as well was totally bonus.
Speaking of masquerade...
Don't forget your masks!
So just what else is supposed to inspire you? Well owls, of course! You can use just one owl or more then one owl from the list below for your four looks.
Eastern Screech Owl
Barred Owl
Barn Owl
Great Horned Owl
All designs for this challenge are due by Midnight PST on March 31st. You can submit your designs here: [link]

All masks are direct interpretations of the owl's face

From left to right
1) Barred Owl ([link])
this owl is kind of floofy+cozy looking, so I did a full size ball gown, with feathered treatments on the sleeves and the "peplum" detail; the coloring on the ball gown is the belly of the owl, the feathers have the same coloring as the wings. The white bodice/middle portion has a brown lace overlay to mimic the layered feathers on the owl's chest

2) Barn Owl ([link])
this owl for me is sleek and elegant, so I did a very clean, modern gown. The bodice is all feathers, which moves onto a fabric layer on the stomach of the stress which is a print (very hard to see) that is the same pattern/design as the design on the owl's wings. This panel is then attached with feather trim, with longer dark feathers protruding down onto the gown. Again, feathers are the colors of the wings, the gown is the color of the belly.

3) Eastern Screech Owl ([link])
This owl was cute and whimsical for me, so I wanted to design something that was cute and whimsical as well. I did high collared sleeveless full length gown that's in the print of some of the feather texture on the owl. Over it is a short sleeve dress=coat thingy, that is gathered on the bottom, and has structural shoulders and feather details at the opening.

4) Great Horned Owl ([link])
This owl was very elegant and majestic, so I designed a gown that has these enormous long feathers as the sleeves, the outer part of the gown is this grey lace overlay, to mimic the wings, and the inner part of the gown has this ruffle detail on the top with some gold/bronzey beading detail, to mimic the body

I really love this set, I hope you do to!
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March 31, 2013
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