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Fashion Pokemon: set two by GL-Gloria Fashion Pokemon: set two by GL-Gloria
slighty more high fashion than set one

left to right:

ho-oh, gyarados, milotic, charizard, ninetails, scyther, dragonair

and for next time: maybe castform? the most epically design fail pokemon ever...

dedicated to :iconzephyrias: and :icongogetenks8:

i LOVE feedback, so please tell me what you think (though dont be mean please. if you want to give me criticism, please make it *constructive)

my designs belong to me and may not be used in any way without my permission!!

edit: more details!!
-For ho-oh, I wanted to maintain the grandeur of the pokemon design, so this is a bit over the top; the bodice portion reflects the overall shape of the pokemon, and the ruffle details on top are an interpretation of the tail
-For gyarados, pretty much straightforward design: fins are sleeves, center body portion, bust is done in the shape of its head.
-For milotic: the sheer sleeves are its "ears," some buttons in the front to reflect its beauty marks, pants are its tail (i did NOT want to do a dress), clear booties have the tail fin design in a cap-toe fashion
-For charizard, the bodice is done like its head, the skirt portion is obviously its tail fire, peep-toe boots incorporate both a talon and its wings
-For ninetails, which i struggled with, wanted a cute leather jacket, incorporated its ombre paws as cigarette pants, kept its big fluff; color scheme partly based of fire/vulpix
-For scyther, pretty much straightforward again: hands are the sleeves, bust area is its chest plates, the side portion is its upper leg portion (but there's a cut-outs too!!) and its wings make up the skirt.
-For dragonair, also a lot of struggling, the wings on its heads are now a feathered wonderful mess, attached with the "ball" and goes into a white gown, with blue inserts flowing into a separate blue drapey back.
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August 26, 2012
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