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Fashion Pokemon: set one by GL-Gloria Fashion Pokemon: set one by GL-Gloria
yup. i did. i apologize in advance. dedicated to :iconzephyrias:

"chibi" croquis, because i didnt like how the clothes looked in my regular sketching style. mainly because there *isnt* much design going on...

From left to right
Shuppet, Drifloon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Espeon, Altaria, Flygon

my thought process: i wanted to keep it rather wearable, but still a little bit funky. kind of like not-that-high fashion high fashion.

yes flygon is a little out of place, but whatever.

my designs belong to me and may not be used in any way without my permission!!

i love feedback, so please, tell me what you think (but please be nice, i dont take negativity too well aka cry in a corner. so if you're going to give criticism, make sure its *constructive!!)

EDIT: err, details time!!
-For Shuppet, I decided to incorporate it's eyes into the shoes, and keep the drapey/ghostly flowy feel of the design, with a structural element at the shoulder (the thingy at the top of its head)
-For Drifloon, the "cloud" part is re-incorporated into the ruffles, the mouth forms the cross, and the peplum detail mimics the bottom portion of the pokemon's body. Also: the "legs" of the pokemon are found in the laces of the shoe!
-For Glaceon, which I struggled with, I madae the whole dress texture like ice, I kept it's little booties, and I used the diamond patterns on its body as dress details.
-For Umbreon, pretty straight forward. The circles on its body now form outlines to cut-outs. Shoes are red like it's eyes.
-For Espeon, also struggled with this one. It's whiskers form the sleeve detail, the tail becomes an actual tail detail, kept the jewel, jeans are the ears. Shoes are purple like its eyes.
-For Altaria, big ruffle represents its "cloud," fringe detail is its tail, flowy sleeves it's head feathers, and the two shoulder pad thingies are its cheeks!
-For Flygon, the bottom portion is obviously its wings/tail, there are two striped details near the bodice like the striped details of its tail, the angular portion on top is inspired by its head detail
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August 26, 2012
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