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All Stars Challenge: Episode Twelve by GL-Gloria All Stars Challenge: Episode Twelve by GL-Gloria
AKA FINALE!! Be prepared for a lengthy description. for the group :iconcatwalkchallenge: for this, i missed my homework assignment for psychology as a natural science.

Download if you want to view this in all its glory.

Title: Liberation

Concept: Inspired by Birds-of-Paradise, original concept was "Queen of New York," I wanted to design a collection that embodied the free spirit and confidence of a city girl (mainly because I spent hours catching up on Gossip Girl). Also, I wanted to present something dynamic, but also very well designed so if even if you removed all the embellishments, you'll still be left with a really cool design. I decided on an "Uli" moment; it's a Runway Show, better make it fabulous and take a risk!

Color Scheme: burgundy, cobalt blue, light blue, black, plus emerald green (jewelry) and turquoise green (beading)

Design Elements: emphasis on shoulders, leather paneling and sheer mesh inserts, beading, feathers

I might make a dress-up game out of this, I purposely designed this collection so that the pieces look good together even if they're not paired together.

Accessories: To keep the collection cohesive, I chose the same Rose Gold Metallic Claudius heels (link here [link]) which is supposed to reflect the orangy/yellow color found in all 3 birds. Jewelry are these emerald and silver pieces, because i believe in mixed metals, also I wanted to reflect the green which is also somewhat present in all the birds, without it overpowering the design (I kept jewelry minimalistic) Also Bora Bora Wood Frame clutch (link here [link]) which just happens to have a print of birds-of-paradise...the flower lol and White/Silver Le Club Foldover Cutout Clutch (link here [link])

I decided on 10 looks, 1-7 showing my range, 8-10 being onezies stand alone pieces (#10 is the finale) The descriptions below (aka how many adjectives can i use). at the end, paratheses include fabric choices

Black tunic with peek-a-boo shoulders with attached feathered neckpiece plus light blue leggings with clear mesh insert on sides plus leather paneling on bottom. Beading done on the sleeves. Collar necklace+white clutch. (jersey, spandex mix)

Look #2
Beige high-collared button halter tank over black shorts with sheer mesh inserts and leather paneling on bottom, all under burgundy feathered flowy cardigan with ruched sleeves. Beading done on collar of shirt. Silver drop earrings +wood clutch. (silk chiffon, denim, jersey))

Look #3
Cobalt high collared crop sweater with leather shoulder structure and feathered sleeves paired with black high waisted calf-length pencil skirt with leather paneling on top and sheer mesh insert on bottom. Beading done on the sleeve where it connects to feathers. "Fringe" necklace + white clutch. (wool knit, cotton mix)

Look #4
Beige high-collared tank with sheer mesh inserts, paired with burgundy jeans with leather paneling on bottom, all under black peplum jacket with feathered collar with ruched sleeves. Beading on bottom half of sleeve, and on the edge of the belt. Spike earrings+wood clutch. (silk chiffon, denim, wool mix)

Look #5
Light blue high collar peek-a-boo shoulder dress with feathered collar and feathered skirt. Paired with black board shorts, because dress does NOT have a lining. Beading done on sleeves. Plain brooch. (cotton mix, spandex mix)

Look #6
Burgundy shirt with sheer mesh insert, paired with black pencil skirt with leather paneling above sheer mesh inserts. Beige peek-a-boo structural shouldered feathered cardigan over this. Beading done on "belt" portion. Plain earrings+white clutch. (silk chiffon, wool knit, wool mix)

Look #7
Black long-sleeve shirt with sheer mesh insert and leather shoulder structure paired with cobalt feather peplum pencil skirt. Beading done on sleeve. Emerald drop earrings. (jersey, wool knit)

Look #8
Black jumpsuit with sheer mesh insert and feathered sleeves. Beading done on portion where it connects to feathers. Collar necklace+wood clutch. (cotton mix)

Look #9
Light blue mermaid gown with sheer mesh inserts (sleeves and bodice piece) with feathers on the mermaid skirt portion. Beading done on waist. "Fringe" necklace. (jersey)

Look #10
Burgundy button dress with peek-a-boo shoulders and feathered sleeves, plus flowy skirt and sheer mesh inserts and leather paneling on sides. Beaded buttons. Spike earrings. (silk chiffon)

For the separate pieces, I only shaded the leather portions, the feather portions, and the portions which flow to the back

edit: oops forgot to add links of the pics of the bird: [link] and [link] and [link]

edit2: here's the link to my "original" collection, which I decided to do over into this one (it's the psuedo-ready-to-wear version of this: [link])
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