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All Stars Challenge: Episode Ten by GL-Gloria All Stars Challenge: Episode Ten by GL-Gloria
for the group :iconcatwalkchallenge:

the real women challenge, always a fav of mine, because this is where designer's true colors show

we were each assigned a client and had to create a look for a certain event they would be attending

I got:

US Army
Event: Military Gala supporting Veterans
Feminine, Leopard Print, Nothing overly graphic - she is not shy about her amputation

i was sooo happy!! I got Captain Leslie Nicole Smith and her cutie pie service dog Issac. She's so absolutely petite spunky all around adorable! During the show, she was talking about when they had to amputate her leg, her first thought was whether or not she could still wear heels (she can). That's *my* type of gal!

Minor note: I decided to draw my fashion croquis as close as my client's actual measurements, because this is the "real women" challenge

Researching proper attire for military gala, I learned that this event is very strictly formal attire. As much as I really liked Joshua's design, his seemed a bit too casual (still, his use of the fabric was genius!) I wanted to do something more elegant.

I designed a one shouldered gown, with a ruched sleeve, and an unique skirt portion, where there's a giant peplum angled from the top of the right hip down to right above the "knee" of the amputated leg, and underneath that is an asymmetrical skirt that hikes upwards to "meet" the edge of the peplum. Props to Leslie for taking pride in her amputation XD

The fabric I chose is this leopard print jacquard [link] in this beautiful subtle bronzey color. My Nine West accessory is a soft gold metallic MsFabulous sandal, because I didn't want the shoe to be the *exact* color of the gown, but close enough that it shouldn't be an issue. Issac is wearing a faux-doggy suit, with a bow tie the same fabric as the dress (pretty much copied the pose because I lack the ability to draw doggies)

images from show: [link] [link]

other accessories (other than Issac) is a pair of freshwater pearls (the purpl-y tinged ones)
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January 7, 2013
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