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All Stars Challenge: Episode Seven by GL-Gloria All Stars Challenge: Episode Seven by GL-Gloria
Despite the fact that I lovvveee watching the unconventional challenge, I personally HATED designing for it.

First of all, I over-research. As in I looked at like all the links provided. That took forever.

Second of all, I really hate the cheap "imma glue rhinestones on a dress base" (cough LAURA KATHLEEN I HATE HER) instead of I'm going to repurpose these materials in a clever interesting way (OMG ULI I LOVE HER) which is a struggle for me because this challenge you really couldn't just *solely* use the materials without causing the model bodily harm. Like seriously. If I glued a bunch of shattered ornaments together without a base, that would leave the model all scratched up and stuff. Plus, Christmas decorations are *tiny* you have to use a crap load of them to make anything even remotely substantial.

Totally did like 8 sketches before I finally settled on this design.

ANYWAYS for the actual challenge from :iconcatwalkchallenge: "wonderful Christmas shop's website (I'd reccomend utilizing the "theme" section) where you can dig around and select items that you would like to use. Remember the look can ONLY be 50% fabric, but preferrably less then that, so really think out what you'd use and how. Also, it can't look like Christmas!" and :iconjennalynharms: so wonderfully provided some links to Christmas stores

My take on this challenge is to stray away from anything Christmas (so no red+white, red+green color combinations and the like) and no shiny snowflake like ornaments (for the most part) I wanted to create a look that was as organic can be, so I wanted to be ironic and create a Garden Party Dress... so without further ado (pardon the above rant)....


the "base" is made up of this beautiful goldish/lavendar mesh fabric [link], which on top of it I "built" the design elements (don't want stuff to stab my model lol). The bodice is intertwined China Rose [link] with Purple Metallic Ball Grass [link]. The skirt detail is strategically placed poinsettas so that the leaves are so fused together it almost looks like ombre fabric (fuschia velvet [link] purple fantasy [link] and silver mesh [link])

Jeweled sleeves using a deconstructed clear icicle ornaments [link]

The middle of the bodice are deconstructed pieces of silver wire snowflake ornament [link]

Intent: the ornament sleeves are obviously supposed to be jewels, the bodice is supposed to mimic the feel of lace, and the skirt is supposed to be kind of like feathers (and for those that are curious, the back just dips low, most likely because I'd run out of China Rose lol)

As for accessories, I hate matchy-matching the shoe to the outfit, so I opted for a the Cinched heel by NineWest in Pink Gold, because I wanted sort of a neutral with a shine for the shoe, link here [link] .

no other accessories, this is the last challenge you would even accessorize for.

Hope you like!! ps my dress is at least 50% christmas decorations, if you don't count the mesh fabric underlay

For the presentation of this piece, I decided to provide the line art, my sketch, as well as the "real look" aka using the images from the website
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December 20, 2012
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