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All Stars Challenge: Episode Four by GL-Gloria All Stars Challenge: Episode Four by GL-Gloria
For the "Made in the USA Today" challenge from the group :iconcatwalkchallenge:

details: "Your challenge, as fans!, is to select a photo that you would have (or did) submit to the show and use that as your inspiration. What would the photo's headline be? Why is it something you want to share with others?"

I composed this picture and snapped it up on instagram. It's composed of a Dior Toner and Moisturizer, Clinique foundation, L'Air du Temps perfume bottle, Miss Dior Cherie perfume bottle, Juicy Couture perfume box, purple Chinese bracelet gift box, green Chinese embroidered jewelry box, Sinful Crackle Nail Polish, Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish, and a beautiful mask I got in Venice (from Giglietto by Atelier Bertoldini Giuliana di Benetti Alessio)

PHEW anyways, the story behind this these items collectively represents the spirit of an international jet setter, who collects different unique items based on where she goes. It also represents the spirit of America, which prides itself on having a widely diverse population. It's really hard to put feelings into words, so that's all I'm going to say (if you have any questions, just leave me a comment!) Headline is L'aventure (adventure in French)

AND as for the actual design: I mimicked the intricacies of the mask as cutouts on the top portion of the shirt, with a mandarin-esque collar, with sheer long sleeves. The peachy color references the colors of the cosmetics. Because my girl is a jetsetter, she wants to be as comfortable and fashionable as she can while traveling, so I designed a paper-bag maxi skirt secured with belts of various colors from the picture (belts have NO metal!). A jetsetter is fashionable no matter what country she's in, and I *think* I achieved it fairly well.

Accessories: White Shell/Beach Sand Leather Cacey Flats link here [link] (so she can slip them on and off quickly) Natural Open Sesame Large Satchel link here [link] (to carry passports, misc goods)

Tell me what you think, I loovvee feedback!!
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November 22, 2012
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