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All Stars Challenge: Episode Five by GL-Gloria All Stars Challenge: Episode Five by GL-Gloria
from the group :iconcatwalkchallenge: "Your challenge is to design - not one - but TWO! looks. One for a man and one for a woman. These must be androgynous. They must be Avant Garde. You have to do both."

well, let's just say, while watching this episode, I really wanted to chuck the TV out a window. They need to get rid of Laura. Like seriously. And also, when they said "avant garde androgyny" and i was already thinking "oh f---" and then they brought out the male models.........*flips table* knowing FULL well that menswear fashion is my weak point and I have a very girly-girl aesthetic. Well then.

the whole time i was designing this, i was mentally thinking "ohcrapohcrapohcrap" ANYWAYS


-from the NineWest "wall" Black Leather Perfectpr link [link]

um, kind of hard to describe the details, but i'll try

For the androgyny look, i wanted to combine the typical men's suit with a typical women's jacket to produce this. the avant garde comes from the interesting angles that haven't been done before, plus the unique high collar (it's raised in the back). The women's look has a strap in the front that kind of connects the top portion to the bottom portion. the men's jacket, vest thing is more open (reversal of genders in play here). The girl is wearing a chiffon dress shirt thing underneath (sheer panel above chest, sleeves normal material, torso portion flowy), and the dude is wearing a cowl-neck draped sweater (more gender reversal fashion going on!) i kept the bottom the same for both (and taking a page from emilio sosa) it's done in a typical men's suit fabric but the cut is like women's fashion. the women's pants fit looser than normal skinny pants, whereas the men's pants fit tighter (HAHA MORE GENDER REVERSAL though very tough to tell...OH WELL the intention is there)

oops forgot to mention, that, yup, those little dots are STUDS

AS for the jackets, fabrics include wool suiting, leather, and men's fabric. links used (for fabric texture): [link], [link], [link]

details on the side like always

Hope you like <3

sorry i cant draw male croquis. at least i do a sick face and fist. also sorry for the lengthy description. but seriously. avant garde androgyny?!?! UGH! i'd rather chuck my laptop out a window, but whatever.

edit: oh yes, feedback is much appreciated please :3
edit: OH and to "prove" this is androgynous, please check this out---->[link] where the models are wearing each respective's clothing ;D
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December 5, 2012
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