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All Stars Challenge: Episode Eleven by GL-Gloria All Stars Challenge: Episode Eleven by GL-Gloria
We were supposed to design an haute couture look inspired by Paris that envelopes our dreams

a little bit of haute couture: expensive fabrics, tailoring and detail

I decided to get into the true spirit of the challenge for this look:

I've been to Paris twice, and I loved my experience. I find that the city is not shiny and sparkly (like New York) but instead a bit sombre but there is a classic elegance to it. I wanted to embody this by designing more of a "classic" haute couture look (beautiful full skirts, delicate details)

Also, I googled haute couture fabrics and after a long extensive search found a website that actually lists the fabrics instead of boasting about how great their haute couture fabric service is. provided me with a beautiful variety of lovely expensive fabrics worth of my 3000 euros (approx $4000)

Black Dress Crepe by Georgio Armani [link] $78

French Beaded Lace [link] $879

Jet Black Beads
[link] $26.64

If I had to do a really rough estimate, this look uses 3 yards of the French Beaded Lace (sleeves, bodice detailing, back detailing) , 3 yards of Jet Black Beads (bodice detailing), 10 yards of Black Dress Crepe (for the gown) to a total of $3,496.92 so yes I am within budget lol

As for my dream, well, this dress is my dream!

details: lace used for the sleeves, bodice detailing, beaded trim used for straps that start in the front of the bodice and continues into the back detailing (note on the back some of the beads aren't held tightly on the back and instead drape loosely; only the straps that connect to the front are tight), the front of the skirt is slightly lifted up so you can see the shoes (plus its a modern take...ive been listening to judges pointers during the episode)

Accessories: Nine West Black Suede Nickeya heel [link] because if you're going to shoe off the shoes, the shoes better be a work of art, don't want to overwhelm this look so the only other accessory is a pair of large onyx gemstone earrings (designed by yours truly)

edit: OOPS I forgot to mention that this is for the group :iconcatwalkchallenge:
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January 15, 2013
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